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Throughout my career as a dentist my practice philosophy has remained quite simple: treat each patient as a unique individual, focus on health and tooth preservation, and provide quality care with compassion and integrity. I take very seriously the implied trust that patients place in me from their first visit to my office. My commitment to patients is to offer them my attention and my expertise, to become a partner in their overall health, and to help them make informed choices that reflect their own values and goals. This commitment is guided by the pride I take in my profession and the tremendous sense of responsibility that I feel towards my patients.

Our Office is elegantly and comfortably designed to create a welcoming and serene atmosphere. We utilize the most advanced equipment and scientifically proven technologies to enhance the quality of our services. These include digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure, digital photography for more effective communication and a new laser technology accepted by the American Dental Association for the early detection of cavities. During treatment, patients can choose to listen to music or watch movies on computer monitors in every room. Those who are particularly apprehensive can benefit from nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas). We also have a state of the art sterilization center to insure complete sterility of every instrument and handpiece before each patient.

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